Shoulder Angel 2016

Schouderengel_2016No print version of Shoulder Angel this year. (See versions 2015, 2014).

Our niece Josien is battling a rare type of cancer. We contribute the money for paper and stamps to the experimental research needed to cure her. (More info – in Dutch – here)

So: print this shoulder angel, cut it, and put it on your shoulder.

Wishing you all a very healthy 2016!


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What a recent stay in Thailand taught me about service automation, customer experience, and my wife

Welcome board

Not the actual board, but ours was very much like this one – you get it.

In the reception of the place we were staying at in southern Thailand, they’d put up a board in the morning. On this board they’d publish the names of new guests arriving that day. Every day a new list of names from all over the world. About 20 names on average. First names and last names.

Then at check-in, you’d get these small, handwritten notes – the breakfast passes. One per day, per family member, stitched together. In beautiful small, curly writing, each note states the cabin number, the date, your family name, your arrival date and your departure date. You spend 7 days with a family of 4, you get 28 of these notes. 28 handwritten notes for a single guest family.

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Shoulder Angel 2014

Every year around this time, we send our family and friends a “schouderengel”, a guardian angel to glue on to your shoulder for protection and prosperity throughout the new year. This year, it’s a Shoulder Buddha – it’ll help you keep your peace in 2014.

Shoulder Buddha

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Beer Lovers Unite: Schuurbierdag

happiness is a cold beerYes, this is a slightly awkward post. I know. But I have been pondering this idea for a while and I want to put it out there.  

I call it “Schuurbierdag”, to be translated as Shed Beer Day. Yes, Shed Beer Day. That may need some work by some brilliant copy writer. But alas, let’s have a look, shall we?

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Vintage Hitler – Jetzt kaufen!

WiederDaLast week I finished “Er ist wieder da” by German writer Timur Vermes (Eichborn Verlag, 2012). Intriguing premise: in 2011, Adolf Hitler wakes up on a deserted playground somewhere in the middle of contemporary Berlin. It doesn’t take him very long to get back in the demagogue’s seat, pointing out all that is wrong in today’s Germany and rallying the peoples to wage war against today’s enemies of the state. It’s a hilarious story.

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Join me at the B2B Marketing Forum (13/3/14)


I am honored to be among the speaker line-up of the annual B2B Marketing Forum in Utrecht, the Netherlands, themed “Breaking the Walls between Marketing & Sales” (no, that doesn’t sound the least bit ominous!).

Here is the abstract of my session:



Your organisation is selling complex solutions and services to business audiences in enterprises large and small. Current B2B demand generation models are still heavily dependent on email, paid search, optimized landing pages and telemarketing.

Today’s teenagers do not have email accounts, nor do they visit corporate websites or even Facebook. Instead of googling, they rather ask a friend. They are tomorrow’s corporate buyers.

So in order to keep connecting with prospective customers, we need a new mix. In this presentation, Kees Henniphof of ServiceNow will share a simple framework for enterprise marketing planning covering both traditional B2B marketing models and new audience strategies, including corporate narrative, content marketing, buyer journey mapping, marketing automation and lead2revenue analyses. Henniphof illustrates the approach with recent projects around IT industry events, account-based marketing, competitive programs and enterprise broadcasting.

Join me in DeFabrique on 13 March – we’ll have a chat over drinks afterwards!