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Gate the Content! Or: On Tenacious Remnants of Demand Gen 1.0

Full disclosure: I love the words “tenacious” and “remnant”.


As part of introductions, I sat through a content marketing master class organized by a marketing agency in London some weeks ago.

regpageSide note #1: “Master class” usually means: “We’ll keep it short and therefore we’ll only be able to introduce the topic, without really increasing your understanding of any of it. But we serve great coffee and it will look great on your LinkedIn profile without really pulling you out of your social life, like real education would – so let’s just all sing along and be happy, shall we?”

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The α and ω of Internal Communications

Imagine an international company of 2000 employees with no intranet (or wiki’s, or Yammer), no employee newsletter in print or email, no bulletin boards, no narrow casting screens, no regular employee all hands meeting. Basically, this company doesn’t have an internal communications function, wouldn’t you agree?

Then imagine I gave you – brilliant marketing and communications strategist – EUR100,000 of my budget, and asked you to establish a channel for internal communications, and maintain it for one year. It’s an open brief, and the executive team is fully behind you.

What would you do?

Every 6 months, I run an event for all European employees of the company. We use it to look back, recognise the most valuable contributors to the company’s success, and look forward to what’s ahead of us. Since our VP EMEA said he wouldn’t have his workforce travel to a central location for the event (“It doesn’t generate direct revenue, so let’s find a cost efficient format”), we were forced to come up with something special.

With our partner Quadia, we created a live and interactive television show, broadcasted to all offices across EMEA. A state-of-the-art event, with professional host (the eminent Ronnie Overgoor), director, rehearsals, floor manager, TV crew, make-up – the whole shabang. We pre-record video items, ask employees to create content, and give them the opportunity to send in their questions and concerns.

Usually, the employee feedback on the event is 10 out of 10. The next edition will be in June. It’s a big thing.

But how does one calculate the ROI of internal communications?