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Beer Lovers Unite: Schuurbierdag

happiness is a cold beerYes, this is a slightly awkward post. I know. But I have been pondering this idea for a while and I want to put it out there.  

I call it “Schuurbierdag”, to be translated as Shed Beer Day. Yes, Shed Beer Day. That may need some work by some brilliant copy writer. But alas, let’s have a look, shall we?

Before we get there, allow me to explain where this idea originated. Its very first conception was sparked by my brother Diederick, who once mused – it surely must have been around november of last year: “Man, don’t you just love it when you no longer have to put your beer in the fridge? Because of the cold?”. I couldn’t but stare at him, bewildered, struck by lightning. Now that was a very deep and adequate statement by a true beer lover. It got me thinking.

Whence, you ask?
In the nineties, a famous Dutch writer, the late and brilliant Martin Bril, introduced a new phenomenon: Rokjesdag, translated as Skirt Day (which is an actual phenomenon in the English speaking world as well, Skirt Day. My colleague Laurie tells me that in France, you have La Journée de la Jupe (Day of the Skirt), but that was requested to the French government in support of female emancipation – so really not the same as Rokjesdag/Skirt Day. O and in fact, turns out Bril didn’t really invent it, but he did make it big in the Netherlands.)

Skirt Day
Rokjesdag is not on a fixed day of the year, it is in no agenda, nor is it ever publicly announced – yet everybody instantly and instinctively understands when Rokjesdag is upon us. It is that first nice and sunny day of the year, when – by some strange, unwritten but shared intuition among the ladies – all of a sudden you see skirts all over town, across the cities and villages of the Netherlands and other parts of the developed world. It is almost like a very well executed flash mob (this is my favorite, and this the best Heineken hoax ever), but then way better! Skirt Day in short is a glorious spring day for the male population, and I like to believe the ladies responding to this call of nature are having a really good time as well.

It goes without saying that Rokjesdag is a brilliant thing for consumer marketers. If you’re in the skirt/fashion business, I couldn’t think of a better occasion to introduce a new collection. And what if you’re selling bicycles, it shouldn’t be too hard to connect the dots, would it? What about shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, insurance, dating sites, et cetera – you could sell pretty much everything off of Rokjesdag!

Wouldn’t it be great if we added more notable days like that? It’s fool’s gold, there’s nothing you’d have to do to get it, it’s just there like those lovely early sunrays in spring. It’s free and it’s fun.

So here it is. My idea.
Along those lines, I came up with my idea: Schuurbierdag. Schuurbierdag is the first day of the year that is cold enough to allow man to confidently drink a bottle of beer straight from the shed (or the balcony, back yard, front yard – wherever you stack your beer), cooled by Mother Nature rather than your refrigerator.

I have tested this idea among men I know (not all of them, but a significant subset), and it hits home. It genuinely hits home. Test it yourself. It is a dead cert, mate.

And now what?
So, I am offering this idea up for free to whom it may inspire. Make it happen, I say. Market the bloody thing, get it out there. Grolsch, Stella, Carlsberg – I dare you. Forget the football loving audience. Forget talking about cooling beer in the summerThis is your opportunity to claim a day in the year where all beer lovers can be united around a free, joyful phenomenon: Shed beer. Cooled by Nature.

To make this an even more obvious no-brainer: Grolsch is probably the best candidate to take the Shed Beer Day on, brand-wise. Recently, their copywriting is exceptionally strong, exemplified by the opening line on their bottles: “Bij Grolsch houden we nogal van bier.” (“At Grolsch, we kinda like beer.”) – which is a terrific statement for a brewer of 400 years. They can make it work. So Grolsch: pay attention. On top of it all, Diederick pointed out that it even has a nice sustainable angle to it – showing ways of reducing refrigerator time and thus carbon footprint.

Shed beer. Think about it. is still available at a mere $9,88 a year. Admit it: This is a goldmine just screaming to be exploited.

“Schuurbierdag” intellectual property
I do not want any royalties, just a symbolic case of Grolsch 0.45 liter bottles delivered to my doorstep in the morning of Schuurbierdag for the rest of my life. And throw one in for Diederick as well, he lives just around the corner from my place. Don’t worry about cooling it.

And – of course – the recognition that I came up with an idea that made man happy.

Just like the brilliant Martin Bril.


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