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ImageWe’ll open an Executive Briefing Center tomorrow – another clear sign of NetApp’s coming of age.

The goal of an EBC is to establish a controlled environment for sales conversations at the highest level of engagement. “Controlled” means: Superior interior design, state-of-the-art technology, and the ultimate storytelling content. It’s where brand management meets account strategy.

C-level buyer journey
From a buyer journey point-of-view, an EBC visit is positioned in the purchasing phase of Enterprise C-level audiences. All content – delivered in the briefing rooms, in the telepresence room connected to corporate headquarters, or through large interactive touch screen panels in the break spaces – is geared towards turning consideration into signed deals. The EBC planning system is tightly integrated with

Until now, prospect and customer executives from our area would fly to Sunnyvale for briefing sessions like these – which can be a challenge (time, cost, travel visa). Now, we can host briefing sessions in our Amsterdam EBC, which is also available for American or Asian customers who are looking to venture into Europe.

It’s a considerable investment. It will propel our EMEA business.

Check out competing EBC programs here:


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