I love my brain

A simple question came up while I was running yesterday. (Yes, I am still running. I did refrain from it for a couple of months, because of some marketing thesis I had to write. But I am back!)

Interesting thing about running is, that after about 20 minutes, you get into a different state of mind. Some say that’s when the endorphins kick in. Maybe it is because all of the oxygen is pushed into the muscles, and less so to the brain. Anyway, your thoughts wander off, stories and ideas present themselves, from time to time you almost forget you are running. I think it may be close to dreaming – the mind rids itself of surplus information, it produces story-like sequences of imagery, based on hopes and fears and subconscious drivers. The result is always puzzling (if your not Sigmund Freud, like me).

Anyway, my mind being the mind of an IT marketer currently focused on data storage and management, it came up with this simple question: Why don’t we just stop saving data?

Think about it. How much data do we save that is perfectly uninteresting and never used again in any way? What if none of the data you produced during day time would be available the next day? Just because that’s how IT would be setup. Flat apps would allow you to share thoughts and opinions and instructions and questions with your friends and colleagues, but none of that would be recorded, saved, backed-up, copied. It would just be gone after consumption. You send a mail, your friend opens it, reads it, closes it – and it’s all gone. Written communication and documentation would be like face-to-face or telephone conversations. Finish it, and there is no trace of it except maybe the data transfer bill. From paperless office to dataless office. Would it really make that big a difference?

Same for all audiovisual data (think about the days of Bach and Beethoven, when the only way to hear their latest symphonies was to actually attend their concerts). For all system-generated data. For all scientific research data. No recollection whatsoever. Forget about it and be free.

I think it is a splendid idea. I love my brain.


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