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Next: Apple iBrain 1

Yeah why not. Check out the latest updates on Apple’s patent applications, and you’ll agree: They have reached the point where the only thing left to enhance is the human body proper.

Keyboards are gone. Wires are gone. Interfaces have become super intuitive and user friendly. Recent patents show they want to share files by literally pouring them from one device into the next. What about Wifi Power, the idea to charge iPhones, Pads, and Pods just by putting them close to the electricity socket. No strings attached.

Apple are about to bridge the gap between the human brain and technology. And with batteries that can be charged without a cord, they have cleared the road for the ultimate move: get rid of the devices, and join the brain and the technology together.

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of years to browse the web with a wink of the eye, deviceless. To pay electronically by nodding at the sales rep. To watch a movie, learn a language, meet new people by just sitting in your chair with your eyes closed. (Provided the chair is next to a power point, otherwise you’ll start hibernating right in the middle of Shrek 8 – I warned you!).

Sometime soon, our minds will live online, on an Apple pay-per-use subscription. They’ll charge extra for thoughts on ugly things (and Steve Ballmer). And we’ll be less equal.



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