Communications, Competitive Strategy

If I knew what Einstein knew

In society, people can’t process the growing number of messages that are fired at them all day long. They don’t bother to. In companies, people receive so many emails, and have to consult so many different sources of information, that they can’t read all of it any longer. And they’re not even trying to. It’s therefore impossible for government or management to reach all of society, or all of the company. That’s ok.

For individuals and companies alike, picking up on exactly the right conversations, emails, trends, messages, signals, and the speed at which one is able to process data and turn it around into valuable information and relevant response is what makes all of the difference. Not individual data points. Eventually, everybody will potentially have access to all data, secure or insecure. That’s ok.

You see, if I knew what Einstein knew, I surely wouldn’t be able to come up with relativity theory. It takes a brain like Einstein’s to do it.

If I have all the information Apple has for iPod 5, I will definitely not be able to come up with the prototype. It takes a company with the capabilities of Apple to do it.

That’s why governments shouldn’t worry about WikiLeaks. Why companies shouldn’t worry about securing their internal information. Instead, they should focus on their capabilities to combine data faster and better than their competitors. It’s the only source of sustainable competitive advantage left.

Most don’t. They will go away.  And that’s ok, too.



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