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The Corporate Website is Dead, Continued

Friday Marketing Musings, 28 January 2011

I received some feedback and questions after my post “The Corporate Website is Dead“. So here’s a short overview of where I think corporations will be taking their online presence over the next two years.

I. The sole purpose of the corporate website is sustained brand equity. To showcast and archive corporate stories.

II. Information about products (product marketing, specs, features, price, services & support, where to buy) will move into the social community.

Some implications:

A. N=1.

B. Big, multi-level, content-heavy, pleasing-all-audiences websites will be replaced by dynamic corporate storyboards designed to inspire very specific audiences. It’s 99% storytelling, and 1% social contact information to enable real conversations in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and whatever is the next social fling.

C. All available content will have to be (re-)designed to serve the social realm.

D. No more pushing. The only way content will be accepted, is as part of a meaningful conversation. Harass marketing (sending emails into databases, cold calling on innocent people, even push chat) can not last. The whole concept of permission marketing will become obsolete. So don’t worry about cookie legislation – it doesn’t matter.

E. All widgets will go away. Only content that is genuinely integrated, will be accepted by the target audience. Many companies are pulling social conversations into their corporate websites. Forget about it – for real value, people will look elsewhere.

F. The full potential of video has not been explored yet. We will see live streams, augmented realities, dynamic, interactive video. This will change our perception of reality.

G. Competition will have to be redefined, simply because in a more integrated world, comparing alternatives will not be straightforward at all. Consumers will buy access to meaningful interactions, not just products.

H. Social Search is just another way of saying that people point people to meaningful content and connections. Like in the old days. To keep up, search marketing and Marketing Automation systems will first become super sophisticated, then obsolete and eventually banned by governments (not just the dictatorial ones).



3 thoughts on “The Corporate Website is Dead, Continued

  1. sharon says:

    Hi Kees,
    I found your blog and really enjoyed the “dead” article and this “dead continued” article (next will be return from the dead?).

    Do you think that during the transition to death, a website can act like a maestro in an orchestra – putting all the pieces together and creating a beautiful experience and flow from one communication instrument to the next?

    Glad to have discovered your blog and look forward to more great posts!


    • Hi Sharon, and thank you for your kind words – d’you think the illustration for my next post should be a steaming chain saw..?

      I do think that your metaphor of the website as the maestro conducting an orchestra of online and offline instruments is quite adequate for now – but I haven’t seen too many examples where that orchestra knew how to play Chopin for CIOs, Metallica for backup admins, and Rammstein for German resellers, in other words: to really give every visitor their own experience. Furthermore, there is no way of genuine interacting on most corporate websites rather then filling out a lead form, and receive a call back by a telemarketing agent, is there?

      Pls keep sharing your thoughts, Sharon – much appreciated!


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