AWESOME. We built a Marketing Activity Planning App on ServiceNow!

Pie graphAny service workflow can be consolidated, automated and published in a centralized service catalogue with ServiceNow – this is what we tell our customers every day. It could be processes to request service from IT, HR, Procurement or another service department within the company. But it could just as well be something else. Like the process to create and maintain the marketing planning. That’s what we did – in about 6 weeks.

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Shoulder Angel 2015

Like previous years, we created a Shoulder Angel to keep you safe from harm in 2015 – in a healthy theme. We send it to our friends and family and share it with you, my dear readers. Print it, cut it, paste it on to your shoulder and carry it with you throughout the year. May 2015 bring you plenty of love, joy and fortune!

Shoulder Angel 2015

NowForum 2014: “Like SAP in the Early Nineties”

NowForum 2014On 7, 8 and 9 October, we hosted the second edition of NowForum, the IT Transformation event series in Frankfurt, Paris and London. Launched in 2013, the series evolved globally this year with the addition of NowForums in Washington, D.C.Sydney and Singapore. We’re likely to add more events to the NowForum 2015 calendar.

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Gate the Content! Or: On Tenacious Remnants of Demand Gen 1.0

Full disclosure: I love the words “tenacious” and “remnant”.


As part of introductions, I sat through a content marketing master class organized by a marketing agency in London some weeks ago.

regpageSide note #1: “Master class” usually means: “We’ll keep it short and therefore we’ll only be able to introduce the topic, without really increasing your understanding of any of it. But we serve great coffee and it will look great on your LinkedIn profile without really pulling you out of your social life, like real education would – so let’s just all sing along and be happy, shall we?”

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ServiceNow shifts its strategy and business model to ensure successful expansion outside of IT

Originally posted on TBR Newsroom:

By Jillian Mirandi, Senior Analyst

Messaging shifts away from ITSM drive ServiceNow into greenfield opportunities across LOBs

IT remains ServiceNow’s point of entry into accounts, but evidence of a much needed, broader service management conversation is beginning to emerge and is already driving revenue results. In the quarter, ServiceNow grew 62% year-over-year to $139 million. High growth is expected from ServiceNow continuing to displace legacy ITSM vendors HP and BMC, but what is interesting is that 34% of account growth, which includes new accounts and upsells, was generated outside of IT. The 34% from other lines of business is up from 20% in the year-ago quarter, demonstrating the company’s successful expansion outside of IT and into functional areas such as HR and procurement. The flexibility of ServiceNow’s platform is pushing the company into greenfield opportunities in these functional areas and diversified revenue will ensure growth will continue in coming years.

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Marketing Activity Grid, explained (I): Introduction

Great plan!Last week at the B2B Marketing Forum in Utrecht, I shared the Marketing Activity Grid as part of my presentation. I got a number of requests to elaborate, so I am writing a couple of posts on the topic.

In this first piece, I will go in to the Grid’s background. Before I do though, let’s agree on a clear starting point: the goal of marketing.

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B2B Marketing Forum 2014 — my slides

Today I shared this presentation during the B2B Marketing Forum 2014 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Thank you for attending my session – let me know if you have any questions.

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